For Parents, Not Children

For Parents, Not Children

Much of what has been written on this site so far has been directed at parents engaging in meditation themselves. There is as much material to be shared regarding how to teach this as about how to actually practice it.

This approach was developed mainly at camping festivals where a large percentage of the audience are likely to be meditators (e.g. the Buddhafield Festival). Therefore, it was not generally necessary to include in the approach any material to introduce meditation – rather it was just necessary to make adjustments to what had already been taught, to make it applicable and accessible to parents.

This is the same hope I have for the material on this site. I do not seek to create a new meditation movement, or compete with any existing teachers. Rather, I hope that existing teachers will find some of this material useful, and will find ways to embed it into their own teaching. That way their reach can increase, and more can benefit from their efforts.

The great thing about helping parents is that you aren’t just helping the parents – you are potentially helping whole families, and also helping influence a next generation.