For Parents

Let’s get one thing straight. This is an approach to help parents – adults – engage in meditation. It is something aimed at adults, not children. Obviously, as we are teaching parents, we need to include their children, otherwise we exclude a sufficiently large part of their experience to have effectively excluded all of them.

So this isn’t an approach for teaching meditation to children. There are plenty of those out there already. This is aimed at the parents – but includes their kids.

One of the interesting things about this is the fact that most things aimed at parents of young children are aimed at the children. Be it play groups, signing classes, baby yoga classes, etc. That is, the parent goes because their child will benefit.

This, however, is a full on meditation approach for parents, that, if taken seriously, can make it as rewarding and insightful for those parents as any other meditation approach. The fact that the kids will likely benefit is a side-benefit.

It also means that I believe there will be a significant market of people needing something targeted at the adult in them. I have not tested this observation, as while I have taught meditation a lot, I have always done it within existing institutions – I have never taught my own introductory classes directed at the public. I would love to hear from existing meditation teachers – does this approach help you broaden your reach – and bring in new students?