Site update 24 Apr, 2024

Site update

I’m delighted to announce, that after a number of months of development, I can today make available a new online audio course on Meditation for Parents!

This course is specifically tailored for existing meditators who want to learn how to apply their practice in the midst of life as a parent.

It is full of life lessons that I have learned, both as a parent myself, but also from teaching meditation to parents of children of a wide range of ages (but the majority under five).

In this course you’ll hear what it is that commonly blocks parents from meditating, along with a range of ideas that underpin an alternative approach that is fundamentally child friendly.

Not only will you regain your ability to meditate, your child will also benefit, both from a calmer parent, but also from an experience that shows them that it is okay to be quiet!

Please do contact me with any questions you might have about the course.

Also, you can read more about the course.