Online sessions

Online sessions

Since this site was first established, much of the world has gone online. How might we offer meditation sessions online?

This approach can work online, with the right setup for both teacher and parents. The key is that you, as the teacher, can have a relatively broad view of what is happening for the parents in your class. If the parents can place their device somewhere some distance from themselves, so that you can see them, and a reasonable space around them for their child to occupy, you’ll be able to witness (and thus speak to) what is happening during a meditation. When you run your first session, be sure to allow a reasonable amount of time at the beginning to help people get cameras/devices placed well.

There are advantages here, too. For the child, they will be in their familiar environment, and the session will be much closer to what they would normally experience when their parent meditates. This familiarity with a meditating parent is something that is of deep value – the parent meditating can become normal, and a sign to the child to quieten.

The parent can choose their location, too. Perhaps in their own bedroom, where there’s less distractions. Or, if close to nap time, in the child’s room. Or even in their cot or bed!