On Chaos

On Chaos

Most people lead there lives thinking that they are, in some way, in control. Or if they aren’t in control, it is because they are, in some way, a failure.

Being a parent challenges this. We have these young people who, by their very nature, have minds of their own, and challenge our ideas about our ability control our environments and our lives.

We might be inclined to look at this as a bad thing. Those lucky people over there without kids who seem so blissfully in control of things. Well, I assure you, if you dug deeper, chances are they aren’t in control.

This points us to a deeper truth.

Life itself is chaotic. It is unpredictable. Influences are so many that it is impossible to predict what the next moment will bring, let alone the next week or year. This is a truth. One that many attempt to live in denial of. Parents on the other hand, have living proof of this truth right in front of them. If we choose to embrace this truth, we come into a closer alignment with how live actually is, and by doing so, will reduce the suffering caused by the futile attempt to pretend otherwise.

In terms of accepting the truth of life being chaos: parents tend to have a distinct advantage on most non-parents.