Quiet Time

Once we have grasped the benefit of not having toys around, this leads into the possibility of “quiet time” for our children. Rather than telling them that “mummy/daddy is going to meditate now” we can tell them that “we are going to have quiet time now”. Over time, they will gain familiarity with this experience, and any resistance they have originally is likely to fall away.

If you are a stay at home parent of kids that still have daytime naps, this can be a great thing to do just before their nap, as it does seem to make a beautiful natural transition for them. We, in fact, model to our child how to be still and quiet.

It has often occurred to me how special this is. To have the opportunity to show our kids that it is okay to be still and quiet, that they don’t need to be constantly seeking the latest stimulation – I can’t but imagine that through this we are giving our children a fabulous life lesson.

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