After many years of teaching meditation to parents, it seems consistently true that the majority of meditation teaching does not work well for parents. On this site, we hope to share some ideas that show how meditation and parenting are fundamentally compatible. We hope that these ideas will help parents gain the benefits of meditation. We also hope that meditation teachers will absorb them into their teaching, such that this site becomes eventually redundant.

Were you told to find a quiet place to meditate? To avoid distractions, e.g. by switching off your phone, and then to sit for 30 or so minutes at the same time each day? These ideas are perfectly reasonable for many people. However, for parents, especially parents of young children, they are commonly totally impractical, and can lead to a sense of failure and inadequacy.

The truth is, however, that meditation and parenting are compatible. More than that, they can form a wonderful blend. It just requires some (hopefully) simple adjustments. In the following pages we will present a sequence of ideas that we hope will give parents back a regular meditation practice, along with the many benefits that can bring – for parents, and for their children too.

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